An incident three years ago still raises some questions.

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Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas resigned in the early hours of this morning as details of a major alleged corruption scandal began to emerge yesterday. The scandal allegedly involves the Secretary General of his Center Party, Mihhail Korb, who resigned yesterday.

When I saw Mihhail Korb’s name in the news again, I was reminded of an incident three years ago that was never resolved. I thought now would be the right time to retell it.

Rewind to 2017.

First, some background. Crypto was booming. …

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Some change is good.

When the pandemic began, we had a lot of concerns — including how the disappearance of international tourists to Estonia would affect family businesses running saunas for visitors across our country.

As it turned out, many of them have been busier than ever this year.

International tourists tend to stay in Tallinn’s Old Town and about 75% of them never even leave Tallinn. This is something Visit Estonia, our country’s tourist agency, has been working hard to fix in order to spread the benefits of tourism around the country.

But the pandemic has dramatically shifted this. The pause in international travel created a boom in domestic travel instead. …

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Here’s how to choose, order and install a HUUM sauna stove in the UK.


  1. Introduction to HUUM

1.1. Where in Britain you can try before you buy
1.2. Which British sauna builders already integrate HUUM stoves

2. The Story of HUUM

3. How to choose your HUUM wood-fired stove or electric heater

3.1. Calculate the kW output power you will need to heat your sauna (electric & wood-fired)
3.2. Measure your sauna safety distance requirements (electric & wood-fired)
3.3. Investigate your sauna wiring and input power (electric only)
3.4. Choose your stones (electric & wood-fired) and air tunnel (electric Hive online)
3.5. Choose your UKU sauna control system (electric only)

4. How to order​ HUUM products in the…

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The movement is now a registered charity.

Sauna culture is undergoing a renaissance around the world — but perhaps nowhere more so than in Britain.

The sauna builder’s grandson has just been granted permission to recover the smoke sauna and restore it in the Rocky Mountains.

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The more we write about Estonian saunas, the more people write to us about weird and wonderful Estonian saunas for us to cover.

One in particular stood out recently. It’s a Seto smoke sauna. It’s not in great condition, but that’s about to change — and it has an incredible story to tell.

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The smoke sauna tradition in Võromaa is listed by UNESCO as representative of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The first thing we notice is how easy it is to breathe. Anni and I are crouched inside a smoke sauna while it’s being prepared for us in the Võrumaa region of Estonia. Beside us is a crackling wood-fire under a pile of large stones, from which white smoke is spewing upwards.

A smoke sauna has no chimney so the smoke hangs in the air above us, ending abruptly just above the top bench.

There’s enough space to lie down there, if needed, below the smoke where the warm air has a rich aroma but is surprisingly clear. The smoke is white because it is burning as a full fire with plenty of oxygen, while the door is kept open during heating to enable fresh air to flow in and smoke to drift out. …

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You can’t have a good sauna without good sauna stones.

For thousands of years, the most fundamental design element of any sauna or sweat lodge has been the hot rocks onto which water is periodically thrown. When preparing a sauna, we heat the stones and not the sauna.

Not all stones are equal in the sauna though.

Some rocks absorb and release heat better than others. In fact, certain types of rocks explode when subjected to high heat, which makes them really not ideal for the sauna. Unfortunately, some people have learnt that the hard way.

So, in this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about choosing the right stones for your sauna. The same principles apply whether you’re building a luxury spa, a traditional Nordic sauna cabin, a humble home sauna, or even just a makeshift camping sauna. …


Adam Rang

Saunapreneur at Previously Chief Evangelist at Estonia’s e-Residency programme.

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