A few thoughts about Euro2020.

When Gareth Southgate was appointed England’s manager, a lot of people criticised him for being “too nice”.

He didn’t think he was the right person to lead the team either. He said he wasn’t ready when the post suddenly became available and was only persuaded to do the job temporarily until someone better could be found.

Most of us in England remember Southgate instead as the 26 year old who, as a player, missed a penalty that resulted in us not reaching the final of the European Championship in 1996.

That was the furthest most English people have ever seen…

The first saunas already taking part in the World Sauna Race 2022.

Sauna fans around the world would be invited to enjoy a wide variety of local saunas.

Sauna races have become popular across Estonia in recent years. Their idea is simple. Participants are given a map of the local area and a list of saunas on it. They then have to find each one, enjoy the leil (sauna steam) inside, and return to the finish line by the end of the day.

Kihnu sauna race, June 2021.

When not exporting Estonian sauna design and technology, Anni and I are big fans of sauna races, as you can see. We’ve attended many as both competitors and hosts, as well as sponsoring them and helping with publicity. …

A bespoke rustic sauna by Heartwood Saunas using an Estonian HUUM stove.

Don’t sweat about extra paperwork and fees when ordering a HUUM sauna stove in the UK.

It took fives days to build with nearly 100 blocks of ice.

An advert running in the US …in Estonian!

“It was like being a kid again,” explains Minnesota-based sauna builder Justin Juntunen. “We were building the best snow fort of our lives and the whole process was a complete joy.”

His latest construction — a sauna with walls of ice 8 foot high and 18 inches thick— is no child’s play, however.

“They are killing history,” said one 35 year regular of Kalma saun in Kalamaja.

Kalma saun, one of Estonia’s oldest and grandest public saunas, has submitted plans to turn its historic building into accommodation and develop a new modern spa complex next to it.

An incident three years ago still raises some questions.

Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas resigned in the early hours of this morning as details of a major alleged corruption scandal began to emerge yesterday. The scandal allegedly involves the Secretary General of his Center Party, Mihhail Korb, who resigned yesterday.

When I saw Mihhail Korb’s name in the news again, I was reminded of an incident three years ago that was never resolved. I thought now would be the right time to retell it.

Rewind to 2017.

First, some background. Crypto was booming. …

Some change is good.

When the pandemic began, we had a lot of concerns — including how the disappearance of international tourists to Estonia would affect family businesses running saunas for visitors across our country.

As it turned out, many of them have been busier than ever this year.

International tourists tend to stay in Tallinn’s Old Town and about 75% of them never even leave Tallinn. This is something Visit Estonia, our country’s tourist agency, has been working hard to fix in order to spread the benefits of tourism around the country.

But the pandemic has dramatically shifted this. The pause in international…

Here’s how to choose, order and install a HUUM sauna stove in the UK.


  1. Introduction to HUUM

1.1. Where in Britain you can try before you buy
1.2. Which British sauna builders already integrate HUUM stoves

2. The Story of HUUM

3. How to choose your HUUM wood-fired stove or electric heater

3.1. Calculate the kW output power you will need to heat your sauna (electric & wood-fired)
3.2. Measure your sauna safety distance requirements (electric & wood-fired)
3.3. Investigate your sauna wiring and input power (electric only)
3.4. Choose your stones (electric & wood-fired) and air tunnel (electric Hive online)
3.5. Choose your UKU sauna control system (electric only)

4. How to…

Adam Rang

Saunapreneur at EstonianSaunas.com. Previously Chief Evangelist at Estonia’s e-Residency programme.

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