Adam Rang’s Estonia digest, 9 May 2019: Gold and crypto vs reality

Estonian news, investment analysis and events for e-residents living around the world.

  • Estonian tax services are back online
  • Not all that glitters is (sellable) gold
  • Crypto clampdown
  • The battle for Estonia’s reputation
  • Recommending viewing
  • Upcoming events

Estonian tax services are back online

A quick public service announcement…

Not all that glitters is (sellable) gold

‘This European State Has Exactly One Gold Bar Left In Its Vault,’ wrote Russia’s Sputnik in a headline this week. I’ll save you a click. It’s Estonia.

Crypto clampdown

Estonia’s new government is planning to increase supervision of financial activity licences, primarily to combat new risks related to companies trading crypto.

The Ministry of Finance is located in Tallinn’s new ‘Superministry’ or ‘Superministeerium’.

The battle for Estonia’s reputation

Not all publicity is good publicity, but no publicity at all is still a problem too.

Recommended viewing

Here are some of the most interesting articles and videos about Estonia and e-Residency in English.

  • After Fyre Festival, you might be a little sceptical about a promo video for an island festival. The first ever ‘Station Narva’ took place last year as a cool new music and cultural festival on an island alongside the Russian border featuring artists from both sides and beyond. They’ve just announced that they are returning for a second year so you can check out what you missed last year here then consider making the trip on 19 to 21 September this year.
  • Estonia’s Ministry of Finance has started off a consultation process online about Estonia’s development goals for the next fifteen years. “Estonian enthusiasts” as well as Estonians are invited to fill out a questionaire, which is in English here, as well as in Estonian and Russian. You can read more on Estonian World here.
  • This is the latest viral video about ‘why Estonia is the country of the future’. It has a slight cult vibe to it though and contains quite a few mistakes. For example, the Estonian digital ID doesn’t store data itself and e-Residency (which is not ‘digital citizenship’) doesn’t take just a few minutes to acquire. Estonia is proud to show off how citizens, residents and e-residents can easily conduct business online, but is also happen to explain why there is a thorough process for becoming an e-resident, which includes police background checks that can take up to a month.
  • I’m totally biased, but the Boston Globe article has best captured what makes Estonia great:

Upcoming events

Here’s a selection of events for people visiting Estonia. All events are in English and relevant to e-residents who want to learn more about location-independent business or understand Estonia more deeply.

  • Tallinn Technopol, a science park and startup incubator that is home to Skype, is today hosting ‘How to find and hire the best international employees’. The guests will include representatives of the International House of Estonia (a government-funded help centre for new arrivals), LeapIN (a business services provider for e-residents and one of Estonia’s fastest growing startups), and Jobbatical (another Estonian startup that connects employers with international job seekers).
  • How to sauna the Estonian way’ takes place again this Saturday in Tallinn. It’s an opportunity to learn about Estonian sauna history and traditions, while enjoying a sauna. As you might already know, this is a totally shameless plug because these events are hosted by me and Anni. Learn more at
  • Latitude59, Estonia’s flaship technology festival, is just one week away and features an incredible line up of speakers, which you can check out here. The full event schedule is here and side events are listed here, which includes a sauna event that Anni and I are hosting on the Saturday. I’m also going to be one of the MCs for Latitude59 thoughout the two day festival so come say hello if you get a chance.
  • The launch party (and e-resident networking session) for the independent e-resident group EERICA is taking place the night before Latitude59 on Wednesday 15 May at Restaurant PULL in Tallinn. Here are the details.
  • On the same day, Lift99 is hosting a discussion with LeapIN CEO Allan Martinson. Martinson was previously the COO of Starship Technologies so it should be very interesting. You can get tickets here.
  • The following day, LeapIN is hosting ‘Soloentrepreneurs Anonymous’ at the Palo Alto Club in Tallinn from 1730 to 2000 on Thursday 16 May. You can get tickets from EventBrite here, but if you also want to share your soloentrepreneur story in 3 minutes with the attendees then you need to apply here.
  • The next ‘Getting started with e-Residency’ webinar offered by the e-Residency programme takes place on 4 June at 11am GMT (which is 2pm in Estonia). It’s a great opportunity to learn the basics and ask your questions directly to members of the programme. Sign up here.

Since your here…

Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think of this Estonia Digest (and what we could do better next time) in the comments. Also, if you found this useful then please do follow Rangi maja on Facebook, Instragram and Twitter.



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