I’m leaving the e-Residency team to spend more time in the sauna

TL;DR: I’ve loved working at e-Residency, but now think I can add more value by building my own businesses.

Joining the e-Residency ecosystem

For me though, I think now is the right time to be independent from the programme so I can go back to the e-Residency ecosystem from where I originally came.

Beyond business

For me, supporting Estonia through e-Residency has always been personal.

Our next plans

Together with my partner, Anni Oviir, we are going to create new value for e-Residency by building our own business services in Estonia tailored to the needs of e-residents.

Speaking of saunas..

Anni and I are also going to keep building another business of ours — and soon start tailoring that to the e-resident community too.

Let’s stay connected

The easiest way to keep in touch with me personally is through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.



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Adam Rang

Saunapreneur at EstonianSaunas.com. Previously Chief Evangelist at Estonia’s e-Residency programme.