Stop thinking the world is gonna go back to normal

The Global Hack will help shape what future generations consider to be the new normal.

This sunken Soviet prison at Rummu in Estonia is a reminder of how suddenly our world can change — and why there is often no going back.

The global hack: Tips for participants

The Global Hack is divided into 12 tracks: Arts & Creativity, Crisis Response, Economy, Education, Empowerment, Environment, Governance, Health & Wellness, Media & Entertainment, Mental Health, Solidarity in Action (which was recently added) and Work.

1. Innovation isn’t just technological

You may come up with a solution that involves both technology and innovation. Remember though, that the technology itself does not have to be the innovation.

2. Focus on real problems

When times were good, we had the luxury of dreaming up solutions then looking for the problem that they solve. We celebrated and embraced technological change without a clear understanding of what solutions it might lead to. Remember when even Long Island Iced Tea became a blockchain company for some reason.

3. Change the world for at least one person

Your idea might not save the world. That’s ok though. This isn’t a Hollywood movie.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading. My name’s Adam Rang and I’m a British-Estonian entrepreneur who previously helped develop Estonia’s e-Residency programme. I’m now Communications Director for Unicount, the simplest way to start a paperless EU company, and also exporting Estonian sauna design and technology (and traditions) through Both businesses have been affected by the crisis, but we are learning to adapt, including by pushing for changes that would eliminate the need for Estonia’s e-residents to physically collect their cards and also helping more people build their own Estonian saunas around the world while they can’t visit ours. By the way, if you need another example of how suddenly our world can change then bare in mind that one of my saunas for visitors is inside an abandoned Soviet Army truck!



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Adam Rang

Saunapreneur at Previously Chief Evangelist at Estonia’s e-Residency programme.